Last Updated November 2nd, 2021

Walmart to Acquire Botmock Technology

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Walmart related to the purchase and sale of certain Botmock assets, and our team will be joining Walmart! With this we will be able to take the power of Botmock and help teams across Walmart create exceptional conversational experiences.

How we got here
We started Botmock in 2016 and launched our first version in early 2017. At that time, conversational experience were just starting to take shape. There was a huge gap between the design team and development team. In some cases there was no official design team. Most of our early customers worked directly within build platforms like DialogFlow, IBM Watson etc. Making it hard for them to rapidly test their idea. Non-devs were reverting back to tools like Visio, LucidCharts etc to help them fill the gap. This only made the gap even bigger. Five years later, we now find ourselves as an essential tool for any team looking to build conversational experiences.

Our journey has led us to chat with thousands of teams from around the world and better understand how they are working to design, build and deploy complex conversational experiences. One of these teams was at Walmart. We had several conversations about how they are approaching these problems and the scale at which they are working with.

After a few conversations, it soon became clear that joining forces would be mutually beneficial for Walmart and Botmock.

What exactly is happening?
We have entered into an agreement with Walmart related to the purchase and sale of certain Botmock assets, and our team will be joining Walmart.

What happens next?
As part of this process, we will be shutting down Botmock application and will be providing transition support to existing customers in migrating their data off Botmock. Our recommendation for your team is to:

1) Export each of your Botmock projects as a JSON and a PDF. The JSON will serve as a tangible copy of your project and the PDF will serve as a visual artifact.

2) Decide on an alternative tool to use. We have listed a few options below.

3) Migrate your projects into the new tool. Below, we have listed outside agencies that are familiar with Botmock and are able to provide migration services.

What should I use instead of Botmock?
Luckily, there are a handful of great tools out there that you can consider. OpenDialogue, Voxable, NLX, Botsociety, and Voiceflow are a few that we recommend.

Who can help me migrate from Botmock to the new platform I choose?
Here are a few trusted conversation design specialists that can help you find and migrate to a new platform quickly:

1) NLX: A platform for designing and deploying conversational AI applications. NLX will provide Botmock customers with an automated converter to migrate from Botmock to NLX's platform, free onboarding support, and free Conversational AI credits.
Contact: Fadi Baaklini (Director of Product)

2) Benjamin McCulloch - Conversation Designer (+ audio expert)

3) VUX World: platform-agnostic conversation design specialists
Contact: Kane Simms, CEO

4) The Conversation Design Institute
Contact: Joannes Hamann

5) Botcopy: a Google Cloud Partner. If you have designed your chatbot on Botmock and deployed it to Google Assistant and/or Dialogflow, Botcopy's team can make your transition easy.
Contact: Oliver Nihan

I just started my subscription or I have a yearly plan, what happens to my subscription?
All monthly and yearly subscriptions will be cancelled immediately and you will have access to Botmock till Dec 1st, 2021. For yearly subscriptions we will be issuing a refund for the remaining months.

I have an enterprise account. How does the shutdown impact me?
Our account managers will be contacting your team owners with the specific timeline for your team's transition.